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Outlier Twelve Foot Ninja

Volkanik Music
26/08/2016               18/20
The Last Hero Alter Bridge
"The Last Hero"

Napalm Records
07/10/2016               18/20
Here Come The Infidels Stuck Mojo
"Here Come The Infidels"

24/06/2016               17/20
Magma Gojira

Roadrunner Records
17/06/2016               19/20
Aokigahara Jonestown

Siege Music Records
31/03/2016               18/20
The Poison Red Nonpoint
"The Poison Red"

Spinefarm Records
08/07/2016               16/20
Unden!able Hellyeah

Eleven Seven Music
03/06/2016               17/20
Seal The Deal And Lets Boogie Volbeat
"Seal The Deal And Lets Boogie"

Republic Records
03/06/2016               12/20
Feathers & Flesh Avatar
"Feathers & Flesh"

E1 Music
13/05/2016               14/20
Mark of The Blade Whitechapel
"Mark of The Blade"

Metal Blade Records
24/06/2016               16/20
Rasen Orbit Culture

11/03/2016               17/20
Dust Tremonti

29/04/2016               18/20
Audio Secrecy Stone Sour
"Audio Secrecy"

Roadrunner Records
06/09/2010               14/20
Acid Mist Tomorrow Hypno5e
"Acid Mist Tomorrow"

22/02/2012               18/20
Human Contradiction Free Launch
"Human Contradiction"

16/01/2009               16/20
The Awakening P.O.D
"The Awakening"

Universal Music
21/08/2015               14/20
Wrath Lamb Of God

Epic Records
24/02/2009               18/20
Uglier Than They Used Ta Be Ugly Kid Joe
"Uglier Than They Used Ta Be"

Metalville Records
16/10/2015               17/20
Metamorphosis Papa Roach

Interscope Records
24/03/2009               11/20
Kill The Flaw Sevendust
"Kill The Flaw"

7Bros Records
02/10/2015               15/20
Threat To Survival Shinedown
"Threat To Survival"

Atlantic Records
18/09/2015               8/20
Morpheus Orphan Exuviated
"Morpheus Orphan"

08/10/2011               16/20
IRE Parkway Drive

25/09/2015               16/20
They Bleed Red Devil You Know
"They Bleed Red"

Nuclear Blast
06/11/2015               18/20
A Life By Design Fight or Flight
"A Life By Design"

Warner Brothers
23/07/2013               17/20
The Stalker Eminence
"The Stalker"

13/08/2013               16/20
I, Against Age of Torment
"I, Against"

Spinal Records
20/09/2013               17/20
Black Waltz Avatar
"Black Waltz"

Gain Music
25/01/2012               17/20
The Paradigm Shift Korn
"The Paradigm Shift"

Prospect Park Records
04/10/2013               16/20
Scar The Martyr Scar The Martyr
"Scar The Martyr"

Roadrunner Records
30/09/2013               18/20
III Eths

Season Of Mist
06/04/2012               16/20
The Infection Chimaira
"The Infection"

Ferret Music
21/04/2009               16/20
L'Enfant Sauvage Gojira
"L'Enfant Sauvage"

Roadrunner Records
25/06/2012               17/20
It's Nothing Personal Bury Your Dead
"It's Nothing Personal"

Victory Records
26/05/2009               9/20
Demonocracy Job For A Cowboy

Metal Blade Records
10/04/2012               15/20
Your God Will Bleed Hellish Outcast
"Your God Will Bleed"

Transcend Music
01/04/2012               15/20
Red Coffin On Tyres

01/03/2010               16/20
Whitechapel Whitechapel

Metal Blade Records
18/06/2012               17/20
Hero Vs Hero Vhan
"Hero Vs Hero"

00/00/2009               16/20
II: This Time It's Personal Periphery
"II: This Time It's Personal"

Century Media
03/07/2012               18/20
Wearing A Martyr's Crown Nightrage
"Wearing A Martyr's Crown"

Lifeforce Records
22/06/2009               17/20
No Flame No Sense Otherside
"No Flame No Sense"

01/06/2011               10/20
Anarchytecture Skunk Anansie

V2 Records
15/01/2016               16/20
Dead New World ill Nino
"Dead New World"

Victory Records
18/10/2010               16/20
The Empty Frame Malrun
"The Empty Frame"

Mighty Music
05/03/2012               15/20
EP Niitch

20/02/2016               17/20
The Hymn Of A Broken Man Times Of Grace
"The Hymn Of A Broken Man"

Roadrunner Records
17/01/2011               17/20
H.N.P Trepalium

Season Of Mist
08/06/2012               16/20
Phenotype Textures

Nuclear Blast
05/02/2016               18/20
Formshifter Allegaeon

Metal Blade Records
08/05/2012               17/20
Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage
"Killswitch Engage"

Roadrunner Records
30/06/2009               17/20
Years In The Darkness Arkaea
"Years In The Darkness"

Century Media
14/07/2009               16/20
The Wrong Side of Heaven And The Righteous Side of Hell Volume 2 Five Finger Death Punch
"The Wrong Side of Heaven And The Righteous Side of Hell Volume 2"

EMI Music
19/11/2013               16/20
Outside The Box Hacktivist
"Outside The Box"

Rise Records
04/03/2016               16/20
Bring Out The Gimp Ever Since
"Bring Out The Gimp"

Mighty Music
17/02/2014               17/20
Shores of The Abstract Line Hypno5e
"Shores of The Abstract Line"

Pelagic Records
19/02/2016               17/20
Nation Dr. Acula

Victory Records
19/06/2012               14/20
Incarnate Killswitch Engage

Roadrunner Records
11/03/2016               12/20
Anger Denial Acceptance Spineshank
"Anger Denial Acceptance"

Century Media
18/06/2012               15/20
Jomsviking Amon Amarth

Metal Blade Records
25/03/2015               17/20
God Is An Automaton Sybreed
"God Is An Automaton"

Listenable Records
24/09/2012               17/20
Beast Devildriver

Roadrunner Records
21/02/2011               16/20
Skeletons Blood Label

Mighty Music
17-03-2014               14/20
Blunt Force Trauma Cavalera Conspiracy
"Blunt Force Trauma"

Roadrunner Records
28/03/2011               8/20
Ghost Empire Caliban
"Ghost Empire"

Century Media
24-01-2014               12/20
Ceasing To Breathe Still Remains
"Ceasing To Breathe"

17-12-2013               16/20
Echoes Vitja

Redfield Records
13-12-2013               15/20
Kill The Power Skindred
"Kill The Power"

Cooking Vinyl
27-01-2014               13/20
Indestructible Disturbed

Warner Brothers
00/00/2008               18/20
The Future Again A Hero A Fake
"The Future Again"

Victory Records
17/07/2012               14/20
Are You Kidding Me - No Destrage
"Are You Kidding Me - No"

Metal Blade Records
03-03-2014               18/20
Dominate The Chaos Rootless
"Dominate The Chaos"

UltimHate Records
25/02/2011               17/20
My Longest Way Home Any Given Day
"My Longest Way Home"

17-01-2014               17/20
Blackbird Alter Bridge

Universal Republic Records
00/00/2007               18/20
Destructive By Nature One Way Mirror
"Destructive By Nature"

Trepan Records
23/04/2012               14/20
Gnosis Monuments

Century Media
27/08/2012               17/20
In Ancient Of Days Thy Will Be Done
"In Ancient Of Days"

Stillborn Records
30/06/2009               15/20

23/11/2015               16/20
Into Inception Escape The Day
"Into Inception"

29/02/2016               16/20
Chapitre VI L'Esprit Du Clan
"Chapitre VI"

15/04/2016               16/20
Trust No One Devildriver
"Trust No One"

Napalm Records
13/05/2016               15/20
Cauterize Tremonti

09/06/2015               17/20
Affliction (EP) Science of Sleep
"Affliction (EP)"

Bastardized Recordings
24/08/2012               15/20
All I Was Tremonti
"All I Was"

17/07/2012               16/20
Stairway To Hell Ugly Kid Joe
"Stairway To Hell"

07/01/2012               17/20
The Beauty of Destruction Devil You Know
"The Beauty of Destruction"

Nuclear Blast
25/04/2014               18/20
Mnemesis Mnemic

Nuclear Blast
19/06/2012               17/20
Killer Be Killed Killer Be Killed
"Killer Be Killed"

Nuclear Blast
13/05/2014               17/20
Straight Line Komah
"Straight Line"

Spinal Records
05/10/2009               16/20
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea Black Stone Cherry
"Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea"

Roadrunner Records
30/05/2011               17/20
Awesome As F**k Green Day
"Awesome As F**k"

Warner Brothers
21/03/2011               18/20
Kill All Kings Channel Zero
"Kill All Kings"

CNR Records
04/04/2014               16/20
Eternal Enemies Emmure
"Eternal Enemies"

Victory Records
15/04/2014               10/20
Fight The Silence For Today
"Fight The Silence"

Razor & Tie
04/02/2014               17/20
Trendkill Dark Sensation

UltimHate Records
18/09/2009               16/20
Spasms of Upheaval T.A.N.K.
"Spasms of Upheaval"

Symbol Muzik
01/10/2012               16/20
The Corrupt Mindset Visionaries
"The Corrupt Mindset"

31/07/2012               16/20
The Sound Of Madness Shinedown
"The Sound Of Madness"

Atlantic Records
24/06/2008               18/20
Dead Years This Or The Apocalypse
"Dead Years"

Lifeforce Records
25/09/2012               14/20
Hail The Apocalypse Avatar
"Hail The Apocalypse"

Gain Music
13/05/2014               16/20
The Strange Case of... Halestorm
"The Strange Case of..."

Atlantic Records
10/04/2012               17/20
Our Endless War Whitechapel
"Our Endless War"

Metal Blade Records
29/04/2014               18/20
Beyond Darkness I Legion
"Beyond Darkness"

30/10/2012               17/20
Self Made (EP) The1984
"Self Made (EP)"

05/04/2014               16/20
Epidemia ill Nino

Victory Records
22/10/2012               17/20
Awakened As I Lay Dying

Metal Blade Records
25/09/2012               17/20
Ritual The Black Dahlia Murder

Metal Blade Records
21/06/2011               17/20
The Waste Land Hord
"The Waste Land"

01/11/2010               19/20
Blood For Blood Hellyeah
"Blood For Blood"

Eleven Seven Music
10/06/2014               17/20
You Can't Stop Me Suicide Silence
"You Can't Stop Me"

Nuclear Blast
11/07/2014               13/20
The God Of All Mistakes Eminence
"The God Of All Mistakes"

Locomotive Records
00/00/2008               16/20
Nonpoint Nonpoint

Razor & Tie
09/10/2012               18/20
One Way Mirror One Way Mirror
"One Way Mirror"

Metal Blade Records
00/00/2008               18/20
Atlas Parkway Drive

29/10/2012               17/20
House of Gold And Bones, Part 1 Stone Sour
"House of Gold And Bones, Part 1"

Roadrunner Records
23/10/2012               16/20
Chasing Ghosts The Amity Affliction
"Chasing Ghosts"

Roadrunner Records
07/09/2012               16/20
Straight From Within Revolution Within
"Straight From Within"

Rastilho Records
22/09/2012               16/20
Koi No Yokan Deftones
"Koi No Yokan"

Warner Brothers
13/11/2012               19/20
War Is The Answer Five Finger Death Punch
"War Is The Answer"

Spinefarm Records
22/09/2009               17/20
Nothing More Nothing More
"Nothing More"

Eleven Seven Music
20/06/2014               18/20
The Amanuensis Monuments
"The Amanuensis"

Century Media
23/06/2014               19/20
Once More 'Round The Sun Mastodon
"Once More 'Round The Sun"

Warner Brothers
24/06/2014               17/20
The Deadcalm Scamp
"The Deadcalm"

Scarlet Records
10/06/2014               17/20
'Till Death, La Familia ill Nino
"'Till Death, La Familia"

Victory Records
22/07/2014               16/20
We Untrue Our Minds When We Fall
"We Untrue Our Minds"

I For Us Records
00/00/2008               12/20
Sons Of The System Mnemic
"Sons Of The System"

Nuclear Blast
08/01/2010               18/20
The Grapes Of Wrath Endzweck
"The Grapes Of Wrath"

I For Us Records
00/00/2008               16/20
Heartland Meleeh

I For Us Records
00/00/2008               14/20
Unto The Locust Machine Head
"Unto The Locust"

Roadrunner Records
27/09/2011               19/20
The Connection Papa Roach
"The Connection"

Eleven Seven Music
02/10/2012               14/20
Machine Fucking Head Live Machine Head
"Machine Fucking Head Live"

Roadrunner Records
12/11/2012               17/20
Goliath Goliath

15/01/2013               18/20
The Black Market Rise Against
"The Black Market"

Interscope Records
15/07/2014               17/20
Vestige A Subtle Understatement

UltimHate Records
06/05/2011               13/20
A Life LastResortal
"A Life"

MetalJuice Agency
01/01/2013               8/20
One Blood Downset
"One Blood"

21/07/2014               12/20
The Wretched Eidola Crocell
"The Wretched Eidola"

UltimHate Records
06/05/2011               16/20
Sedentary American Heritage

Solar Flare Records
01/01/2013               15/20
Savages Theory Of A Deadman

Roadrunner Records
29/07/2014               17/20
UniVersus Dawn Under Eclipse

UltimHate Records
17/06/2011               17/20
Sloughing Off The Shades Beyond The Styx
"Sloughing Off The Shades"

23/10/2012               16/20
L'Épreuve Du Contraire Lofofora
"L'Épreuve Du Contraire"

15/09/2014               16/20
Age Of Disgrace Pestifer
"Age Of Disgrace"

UltimHate Records
06/05/2011               15/20
The Return Nonpoint
"The Return"

Metal Blade Records
30/09/2014               17/20
This Is Where It Ends All Shall Perish
"This Is Where It Ends"

Nuclear Blast
29/07/2011               17/20
The Divinity of Purpose Hatebreed
"The Divinity of Purpose"

Nuclear Blast
25/01/2013               13/20
Idle Hands Continents
"Idle Hands"

Victory Records
23/01/2013               15/20
Before Our Eyes Suicide Of Demons
"Before Our Eyes"

00/00/2008               16/20
Wasteland Master Of Waha

UltimHate Records
16/09/2011               17/20
Virtue The Link

30/09/2011               18/20
Halestorm Halestorm

Atlantic Records
00-04-2009               17/20
The Rising None
"The Rising"

Mystic Production
00/00/2008               16/20
Worship The Bled Truth Corroded
"Worship The Bled"

UltimHate Records
16/09/2011               14/20
Servants By The Patient

UltimHate Records
16/09/2011               16/20
Descend The March of Oblivion Dawnbreath
"Descend The March of Oblivion"

12/01/2013               7/20
The Sickness (10th Anniversary Edition) Disturbed
"The Sickness (10th Anniversary Edition)"

Warner Brothers
2010-04-00               18/20
Burden Of Flesh Burden Of Flesh
"Burden Of Flesh"

UltimHate Records
16/09/2011               8/20
Cold Day Memory Sevendust
"Cold Day Memory"

7Bros Records
20/04/2010               19/20
Antares Sybreed

Listenable Records
00/00/2007               18/20
Rat King As You Drown
"Rat King"

Metal Blade Records
11/10/2011               15/20
One Reality Texas In July
"One Reality"

Nuclear Blast
26/04/2011               15/20
.5: The Gray Chapter Slipknot
".5: The Gray Chapter"

Roadrunner Records
21/10/2014               17/20
Silhouettes Textures

Listenable Records
00/00/2008               16/20
Sonic Highways Foo Fighters
"Sonic Highways"

RCA Records
10/11/2014               20/20
Bloodstone & Diamonds Machine Head
"Bloodstone & Diamonds"

Nuclear Blast
10/11/2014               18/20
The Living Infinite Soilwork
"The Living Infinite"

Nuclear Blast
01/03/2013               19/20
Face The Colossus Dagoba
"Face The Colossus"

Season Of Mist
00/00/2008               10/20
Periphery Periphery

Sumerian Records
20/04/2010               17/20
Synchronicity Mutiny Within

12/01/2013               17/20
Holographic Universe Scar Symmetry
"Holographic Universe"

Nuclear Blast
00/00/2008               16/20
The Powerless Rise As I Lay Dying
"The Powerless Rise"

Metal Blade Records
28/05/2010               18/20
Monstre Ordinaire Lofofora
"Monstre Ordinaire"

24/10/2011               18/20
The Pulse Of Awakening Sybreed
"The Pulse Of Awakening"

Listenable Records
16/11/2009               18/20
Disarm The Descent Killswitch Engage
"Disarm The Descent"

Roadrunner Records
02/04/2013               15/20
Ours Is The Storm Neaera
"Ours Is The Storm"

Metal Blade Records
04/03/2013               16/20
Ghostwatcher Beyond The Shore

Metal Blade Records
02/04/2013               16/20
Unholy Anger Those Who Fear
"Unholy Anger"

Facedown Records
05/02/2013               14/20
The Great Escape A Life Divided
"The Great Escape"

AFM Records
18/01/2013               13/20
Sanctuary In Abyss Hateform
"Sanctuary In Abyss"

Spinefarm Records
01/03/2013               15/20
Uprising Bleed From Within

Century Media
25/03/2013               16/20
House of Gold & Bones Part 2 Stone Sour
"House of Gold & Bones Part 2"

Roadrunner Records
09/04/2013               12/20
Out of The Darkness Sacred Mother Tongue
"Out of The Darkness"

Transcend Music
04/04/2013               18/20
Gates of Punishment Rose Funeral
"Gates of Punishment"

Metal Blade Records
27/09/2011               17/20
Iowa (10th Anniversary Edition) Slipknot
"Iowa (10th Anniversary Edition)"

Roadrunner Records
31/10/2011               17/20
Death Magnetic Metallica
"Death Magnetic"

Mercury Records
09/09/2008               18/20
Decas As I Lay Dying

Metal Blade Records
07/11/2011               16/20
From The North Raised Fist
"From The North"

19/01/2015               16/20
Manifest Psalm

Genet Records
08/02/2008               16/20
The Downfall of The Human Race Do Or Die
"The Downfall of The Human Race"

Demons Run Amok
11/11/2011               11/20
Violence & Destruction Islander
"Violence & Destruction"

Victory Records
08/07/2015               18/20
Full Tilt Boogie Set The Tone
"Full Tilt Boogie"

We Are All Liars Records
20/01/2008               16/20
Juggernaut Alpha Periphery
"Juggernaut Alpha"

Century Media
27/01/2015               17/20
Juggernaut Omega Periphery
"Juggernaut Omega"

Century Media
27/01/2015               17/20
Room 101 The1984
"Room 101"

Fakto Records
01/09/2011               14/20
Dead, Everywhere Tear Out The Heart
"Dead, Everywhere"

Victory Records
27/01/2015               10/20
Fortitude Feed Her To The Sharks

Victory Records
10/02/2015               16/20
Reckless Till The End Tasters
"Reckless Till The End"

Nuclear Blast
16/09/2011               16/20
A Wisely Chosen Decay Set The Tone
"A Wisely Chosen Decay"

Ruined Lives Records
11/05/2013               15/20
When We Don't Exist Like Moths To Flames
"When We Don't Exist"

Nuclear Blast
08/11/2011               15/20
Black Out The Sun Sevendust
"Black Out The Sun"

7Bros Records
26/03/2013               14/20
Diamond Eyes Deftones
"Diamond Eyes"

Warner Brothers
03/05/2010               18/20
Device Device

Warner Brothers
05/04/2013               16/20
The Book of Eliot Hord
"The Book of Eliot"

Send The Wood Music
22/04/2013               17/20
The Long Way Home Confession
"The Long Way Home"

Lifeforce Records
03/01/2012               16/20
Cause And Neglect PsyCode
"Cause And Neglect"

Mighty Music
10/06/2013               17/20
Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies Volbeat
"Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies"

Vertigo Records
08/04/2013               13/20
Infection Erasure Replacement Noein
"Infection Erasure Replacement"

01/05/2013               15/20
The Stench From The Swelling (A True Story) 6h33 & Arno Strobl
"The Stench From The Swelling (A True Story)"

Season Of Mist
26/04/2013               16/20
Untitled Five Pointe O

Roadrunner Records
26/03/2002               20/20
Fire At Zero Gravity 40 Below Summer
"Fire At Zero Gravity"

Super Massive Music Group
30/04/2013               14/20
Fragmented Armageddon (EP) One Minute Silence
"Fragmented Armageddon (EP)"

03/05/2013               18/20
Shadows In The Midst Of Lions

Facedown Records
22/11/2011               15/20
Into The Wild Life Halestorm
"Into The Wild Life"

Atlantic Records
07/04/2015               17/20
One of Us Is The Killer The Dillinger Escape Plan
"One of Us Is The Killer"

2013-05-13               15/20
Reborn In Defiance Biohazard
"Reborn In Defiance"

Nuclear Blast
20/01/2012               15/20
Reflections Contrition

Mighty Music
2013-05-19               16/20
Structures Humatronic

01/12/2011               13/20
Post Mortem Nihil Est Dagoba
"Post Mortem Nihil Est"

27-05-2013               17/20
Mirror Faced Mentality Scamp
"Mirror Faced Mentality"

Scarlet Records
29/10/2008               16/20
Filth of Our Blood Dust N Brush
"Filth of Our Blood"

UltimHate Records
09/12/2011               16/20
Altered State Tesseract
"Altered State"

Century Media
27/05/2013               14/20
The March Unearth
"The March"

Metal Blade Records
14/10/2008               18/20
D-Evolution Absurdity

UltimHate Records
14/10/2011               15/20
Immanence Checkmate

07/06/2013               16/20
Weaksaw Weaksaw

Season Of Mist
01/12/2011               15/20
Everblack The Black Dahlia Murder

Metal Blade Records
11/06/2013               16/20
The Universal Disease Broken Mirrors
"The Universal Disease"

Brennus Music
31/01/2012               11/20
Into The Opaque Endless Cycle
"Into The Opaque"

26/11/2011               7/20
Heart, Blood and Tears Science of Disorder
"Heart, Blood and Tears"

UltimHate Records
09/12/2011               15/20
Backworld Disease Illusion

UltimHate Records
14/10/2011               14/20
Carnality Carnality

UltimHate Records
14/10/2011               16/20
Rivals Coal Chamber

Napalm Records
19/05/2015               17/20
To Judge And Enslave Resistance
"To Judge And Enslave"

HMB Productions
27/01/2012               17/20
Deceiver of The Gods Amon Amarth
"Deceiver of The Gods"

Metal Blade Records
21/06/2013               17/20
Resolution Lamb Of God

Roadrunner Records
24/01/2012               19/20
Five a.m. Silent
"Five a.m."

26/10/2008               15/20
The Panic Broadcast Soilwork
"The Panic Broadcast"

Nuclear Blast
12/07/2010               17/20
III: Remember Who You Are Korn
"III: Remember Who You Are"

Roadrunner Records
12/07/2010               6/20
Masstaden Vildhjarta

Century Media
28/11/2011               17/20
Stampede Hellyeah

Epic Records
13/07/2010               17/20
Coming Alive (2 DVD + CD live) Chimaira
"Coming Alive (2 DVD + CD live)"

Nuclear Blast
26/07/2010               19/20
Harvester of Hate Northern Discipline
"Harvester of Hate"

Inverse Records
01/06/2011               16/20
Utilitarian Napalm Death

Century Media
27/02/2012               17/20
Birth Hell Death About Blank
"Birth Hell Death"

01/07/2013               15/20
VII: Sturm Und Drang Lamb Of God
"VII: Sturm Und Drang"

Nuclear Blast
24/07/2015               20/20
I Am Nemesis Caliban
"I Am Nemesis"

Century Media
03/02/2012               16/20
Burning Time EP Burning Time
"Burning Time EP"

01/07/2013               12/20
Under The Painted Sky Darkness Dynamite
"Under The Painted Sky"

13/05/2013               14/20
Crown of Phantoms Chimaira
"Crown of Phantoms"

E1 Music
30/07/2013               17/20
Between Here And Lost Love And Death
"Between Here And Lost"

Tooth And Nail Records
22/01/2013               18/20
Awaken The Reason Outcast
"Awaken The Reason"

Listenable Records
20/02/2012               16/20
The Blacksky Stand Alone Sons Of Senoka
"The Blacksky Stand Alone"

Bulldog Prod
00/00/2008               16/20
Equilibrium God Forbid

Victory Records
27/03/2012               16/20
Immortalized Disturbed

Reprise Records
21/08/2015               17/20
Natural Causes Audiotopsy
"Natural Causes"

Napalm Records
28/08/2015               16/20
The New Game Mudvayne
"The New Game"

Epic Records
18/11/2008               15/20
Enslaved Soulfly

Roadrunner Records
13/03/2012               17/20
The Ride Majestic Soilwork
"The Ride Majestic"

Nuclear Blast
28/08/2015               18/20
Was And Is To Come Thy Will Be Done
"Was And Is To Come"

Stillborn Records
23/10/2007               14/20
Deepshow (EP) Deepshow
"Deepshow (EP)"

01/02/2012               16/20
Confess Too Pure To Die

Trustkill Records
13/01/2009               17/20
Amaryllis Shinedown

Roadrunner Records
27/03/2012               14/20
Fortress Alter Bridge

EMI Music
08/10/2013               19/20
New World Orphans (hed)PE
"New World Orphans"

Suburban Noize Records
13/01/2009               3/20
Breeding The Dark Zardens
"Breeding The Dark"

UltimHate Records
02/03/2012               12/20
The Wrong Side of Heaven And The Righteous Side of Hell Volume 1 Five Finger Death Punch
"The Wrong Side of Heaven And The Righteous Side of Hell Volume 1"

EMI Music
30/07/2013               14/20
Violence Fraud Treachery Mordax
"Violence Fraud Treachery"

UltimHate Records
02/03/2012               16/20
Asylum Disturbed

Warner Brothers
30/08/2010               16/20
Awaken The Beast Powerstroke
"Awaken The Beast"

UltimHate Records
27/01/2012               14/20
AB III Alter Bridge

Roadrunner Records
18/10/2010               18/20
Mask of Malice Lay Down Rotten
"Mask of Malice"

Metal Blade Records
24/02/2012               15/20
Winter Kills Devildriver
"Winter Kills"

Napalm Records
27/08/2013               18/20

Theater (Heerlen, NL)

Ancienne Belgique (Bruxelles, BE)

Biebob (Vosselaar, BE)

L'Entrepôt (Arlon, BE)


Magasin 4 (Bruxelles, BE)

Ancienne Belgique (Bruxelles, BE)

Kultur Fabrik (Esch-sur-Alzette, LU)