Je suis l'oiseau de mauvais augure de l'équipe. Si vous me voyez sortir de mon nid, c'est qu'une entité extrême vient de pervertir mes oreilles et que je me dois de vous partager en mots ces déjections auditives.

Ses chroniques :

The Testament of Sealant Mound Akem Manah
"The Testament of Sealant Mound"

A-lex Sepultura

SPV Records
27/01/2009               15/20
From Hell to Texas Nashville Pussy
"From Hell to Texas"

SPV Records
10/02/2009               14/20
Greed. Filth. Abuse.Corruption Burning Skies
"Greed. Filth. Abuse.Corruption "

Lifeforce Records
28/03/2008               15/20
The King of Metal Blaze Bayley
"The King of Metal"

20/05/2012               12/20
Aether Déluge

Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
19/09/2015               12/20
Infestation Ratt

Roadrunner Records
20/04/2010               17/20
Exile Regarde les Hommes Tomber

Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
19/09/2015               18/20
Morte(s) Née(s) Celeste
"Morte(s) Née(s)"

Denovali Records
20/04/2010               19/20
Time Waits for no Slave Napalm Death
"Time Waits for no Slave"

Century Media
09/02/2009               18/20
Al Azif The Great Old Ones
"Al Azif"

Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
27/04/2012               17/20
In Den Vergetelheid Kludde
"In Den Vergetelheid"

00/00/2008               17/20
Memoria Vetusta II-in dialogue with the stars Blut Aus Nord
"Memoria Vetusta II-in dialogue with the stars"

Candlelight records
23/02/2009               16/20
Reawakening The Burning

Massacre Records
20/03/2009               14/20
Deathcult Salvation Panchrysia
"Deathcult Salvation"

Dark Essence Records
24/03/2008               18/20
Weight of Light
"Weight of Light"

Rise Above Records
27/01/2009               16/20
States of Liberating Departure Annthennath
"States of Liberating Departure"

Pictonian Records
21/05/2010               17/20
Augur Nox Code
"Augur Nox"

Agonia Records
19/11/2013               16/20
Sunbather Deafheaven

Deathwish Music
02/06/2013               13/20
Resplendent Grotesque Code
"Resplendent Grotesque"

Tabu Records
01/06/2009               19/20
Justice Molly Hatchet

SPV Records
24/05/2010               8/20
Murder the World Bloodshot
"Murder the World"

Scarlet Records
02/11/2008               15/20
In Solitary Minds Craar
"In Solitary Minds"

06/01/2013               15/20
Fragments of Awareness Crimson Falls
"Fragments of Awareness"

Genet Records
02/05/2009               15/20
Verses of Fire Temple of Baal
"Verses of Fire"

Agonia Records
29/10/2013               18/20
Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness Ephel Duath
"Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness"

Agonia Records
19/11/2013               6/20
The Full Intrepid Experience of Light 11 As In Adversaries
"The Full Intrepid Experience of Light"

22/11/2011               16/20
Regarde Les Hommes Tomber Regarde les Hommes Tomber
"Regarde Les Hommes Tomber"

Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
30/03/2013               17/20
Meet us at the Southern Sign Glorior Belli
"Meet us at the Southern Sign"

Candlelight records
02/06/2009               17/20
Axioma Ethica Odini Enslaved
"Axioma Ethica Odini"

Indie Recordings
27/09/2010               15/20
Stigma-Pa Kant Met Livet Koldbrann
"Stigma-Pa Kant Met Livet"

Twilight Vertrieb
00/08/2008               15/20
Black Solar Disk Sekhmet
"Black Solar Disk"

01/02/2011               15/20
Lines Breaking Circles As We Draw
"Lines Breaking Circles"

Throatruiner Records
29/10/2010               15/20
Arkangel is your enemy Arkangel
"Arkangel is your enemy"

GSR Music
00/00/2008               16/20
Fireangel Mystic Prophecy

Massacre Records
22/05/2009               14/20
Iron Will Grand Magus
"Iron Will"

Rise Above Records
00/00/2008               16/20
To Persevere is Diabolical Fomento
"To Persevere is Diabolical"

Coroner Records
12/03/2012               11/20
Climax Beastmilk

Svart Records
02/12/2013               17/20
Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurl Glorior Belli
"Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurl"

Agonia Records
29/10/2013               13/20
In The Constellation of The Black Widow Anaal Nathrakh
"In The Constellation of The Black Widow"

Candlelight Records
14/07/2009               17/20
Storm of The Light's Bane Dissection
"Storm of The Light's Bane"

Nuclear Blast
23/06/1995               20/20
The Hive One Ethic
"The Hive"

I For Us Records
13/10/2010               14/20
Awake? Zao

Ferret Music
05/05/2009               12/20
Misanthrope(s) Celeste

Denovali Records
13/02/2009               16/20
X Spock's Beard

Mascot Records
01/05/2010               16/20
Slaves of The World Old Man's Child
"Slaves of The World"

Century Media
19/05/2009               14/20
Merkur Klabautamann

Zeitgeister Music Distribution
29/06/2009               18/20
New Thing The Phantom Carriage
"New Thing"

Throatruiner Records
09/0/4/201               16/20
Misotheism Gorath

Descent Productions
19/05/2008               16/20
To The Threshold of Inhumanity When Blood Burns
"To The Threshold of Inhumanity"

26/09/2009               15/20
God And Guns Lynyrd Skynyrd
"God And Guns"

Roadrunner Records
29/09/2009               14/20
Passion Anaal Nathrakh

Candlelight Records
23/05/2011               14/20
Redemption Walls Of Jericho

Trustkill Records
00/00/2008               6/20
Dawnbearer Hexvessel

Svart Records
05/02/2011               19/20
My Skin Is Cold Satyricon
"My Skin Is Cold"

Roadrunner Records
00/00/2008               14/20
War of The Roses Ulver
"War of The Roses"

Kscope Records
16/05/2011               13/20
The Formation of Damnation Testament
"The Formation of Damnation"

Nuclear Blast
00/00/2008               14/20
Runnin' Wild Airbourne
"Runnin' Wild"

Roadrunner Records
00/00/2007               14/20
Kolossus Keep Of Kalessin

Nuclear Blast
00/00/2008               14/20
Genesis of a Mass Murder Scarin' Myself
"Genesis of a Mass Murder"

26/09/2009               17/20
Southern Rock Masters Molly Hatchet
"Southern Rock Masters"

SPV Records
00/00/2008               14/20
All Shall Fall Immortal
"All Shall Fall"

Nuclear Blast
25/09/2009               13/20
Guilty Guilty Guilty Diamanda Galas
"Guilty Guilty Guilty"

Mute Records
00/00/2008               18/20
Wormwood Marduk

Regain Records
24/09/2009               13/20
No Surrender Kickback
"No Surrender"

GSR Music
12/06/2009               18/20
Watershed Opeth

Roadrunner Records
00/00/2008               16/20
Fall Of Duty Dark Sensation
"Fall Of Duty"

00/00/2008               14/20
Torchbearer The Setup

GSR Music
29/06/2009               13/20
March of The Norse Demonaz
"March of The Norse"

Nuclear Blast
01/04/2011               14/20
Paramnesia Paramnesia

Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
14/04/2014               17/20
Paracletus Deathspell Omega

Norma Evangelium Diaboli
25/01/2011               20/20
Low Country Blues Gregg Allman
"Low Country Blues"

Roadrunner Records
18/01/2011               14/20
This is Exile Whitechapel
"This is Exile"

Metal Blade Records
00/00/2008               12/20
Devastator Double Dragon

Truth Inc. Records
00/00/2008               10/20
Roads To Judah Deafheaven
"Roads To Judah"

Deathwish Music
26/04/2011               13/20
Thoughtscanning We All Die (Laughing)

14/01/2014               19/20
Addicted Devin Townsend Project

Inside Out Music
13/11/2009               17/20
The Sleeping Gods Enslaved
"The Sleeping Gods"

Scion AV
10/05/2011               14/20
Galgenberg Toorn

09/10/2009               16/20
III Aosoth

Agonia Records
22/04/2011               18/20
Precambrian The Ocean

Metal Blade Records
00/00/2007               18/20
Damnation Warpath

00/00/2008               14/20
A Life Of Suffocation Mudwall
"A Life Of Suffocation"

20/09/2012               15/20
Procella Vadens Imperium Dekadenz
"Procella Vadens"

Season Of Mist
18/01/10               16/20
Ylem Dark Fortress

Century Media
09/02/2010               14/20
Muziek Voor Collaboratie Eerste Instantie
"Muziek Voor Collaboratie"

08/02/2010               1/20
Made out of Negative Matter In-Quest
"Made out of Negative Matter"

19/02/2010               18/20
Luciferian Frequencies Corpus Christii
"Luciferian Frequencies"

Candlelight Records
20/06/2011               14/20
Blackbird Some Pedestrians

I For Us Records
13/03/2010               14/20
No Guts No Glory Airbourne
"No Guts No Glory"

Roadrunner Records
08/03/2010               15/20
Cryogenic cleansing // four elaborations of cold Orb of Torture
"Cryogenic cleansing // four elaborations of cold"

00/00/2008               16/20
Lords Of Torment Resistance
"Lords Of Torment"

GSR Music
21/03/2010               14/20
Celestial Lineage Wolves in the Throne Room
"Celestial Lineage"

Southern Lord Records
13/09/2011               11/20
The Great Southern Darkness Glorior Belli
"The Great Southern Darkness"

Metal Blade Records
27/09/2011               15/20
Burn The Sun Ark
"Burn The Sun"

Favored Nations Entertainment
00/00/2001               20/20
Vertigo Koldbrann

Season Of Mist
20/01/2013               15/20
This Present Wasteland Metal Church
"This Present Wasteland"

SPV Records
00/00/2008               10/20
Grotesque Pensées Nocturnes

Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions
27/03/2010               17/20
Apokálypsis Gorath

Twilight Vertrieb
02/09/2011               17/20
Heliocentric The Ocean

Metal Blade Records
12/04/2010               8/20
Hellbilly Deluxe 2 Rob Zombie
"Hellbilly Deluxe 2"

Roadrunner Records
2/11/2009               13/20
Reptilian Keep Of Kalessin

Nuclear Blast
10/05/2010               17/20
Protest Against Humanity Zifir
"Protest Against Humanity"

26/02/2011               16/20
Machine of Grace Machine of Grace
"Machine of Grace"

31/08/2009               12/20
Vertebrae Enslaved

Indie Recordings
00/00/2008               18/20
An Overdose of Death Toxic Holocaust
"An Overdose of Death"

Relapse Records
00/00/2008               14/20
Telesis Emeth

Brutal Bands Records
00/00/2008               16/20
Antithesis Origin

Relapse Records
00/00/2008               16/20
Djerv Djerv

Indie Recordings
17/06/2011               12/20
Blood In, Blood Out Exodus
"Blood In, Blood Out"

Nuclear Blast
14/10/2014               13/20
Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd"

Universal Music
00/00/1973               20/20
The Art of Partying Municipal Waste
"The Art of Partying"

Earache records
11/06/2007               16/20
Sun in the House of the Scorpion Blood of Kingu
"Sun in the House of the Scorpion"

Candlelight Records
26/05/2010               16/20
Ruiner Made Out Of Babies

The End Records
24/06/2008               19/20
Killing Music Benediction
"Killing Music"

Nuclear Blast
22/08/2008               16/20
Locust Lyzanxia

XIII Bis Records
31/05/2010               12/20
Reno Reno

I For Us Records
19/03/2010               17/20
Void Craft

Carnal Records
05/08/2011               17/20
Henosis The Beast of The Apocalypse

Transcendental Creations
07/02/2011               18/20
Domkirke Sunn O)))

Southern Lord Records
09/10/2008               18/20
The Green Naugahyde Primus
"The Green Naugahyde"

Prawn Song Records
12/09/2011               11/20
De Occulta Philosophia Blood of Kingu
"De Occulta Philosophia"

Supernal Music
09/12/2007               14/20
Lawless Darkness Watain
"Lawless Darkness"

Season Of Mist
7/06/2010               13/20
Pain is Transient, Failure Forever Torment
"Pain is Transient, Failure Forever"

Diabolical Constellation
10/02/2011               18/20
Riitiir Enslaved

Nuclear Blast
01/10/2012               18/20
Along Came a Spider Alice Cooper
"Along Came a Spider"

SPV Records
28/07/2008               12/20
Fragmented The End of All Reason

I For Us Records
10/10/2008               17/20
In The Shadow of a Thousand Suns Abigail Williams
"In The Shadow of a Thousand Suns"

Candlelight Records
28/10/2008               13/20
Decapitated for Research Days of Betrayal
"Decapitated for Research"

Shiver Records
06/10/2008               16/20
Cornerstone of the Macabre Phazm
"Cornerstone of the Macabre"

Osmose Productions
10/09/2008               17/20
Memento Mori The Negation
"Memento Mori"

10/07/2015               17/20
Hell Venom

Sanctuary records
09/06/2008               12/20
Phantasmagoria Limbonic Art

Candlelight Records
03/07/2010               10/20
MXCII Gorath

Twilight Vertrieb
19/02/2010               16/20
Hammer of The North Grand Magus
"Hammer of The North"

Roadrunner Records
21/06/2010               14/20
Groza Mgla

Northern Heritage
00/00/2008               17/20
Already Free The Derek Trucks Band
"Already Free"

Sony Music
13/01/2009               15/20
The Year of Love Reno
"The Year of Love"

I For Us Records
06/10/2010               19/20
Live From Texas ZZ Top
"Live From Texas"

Starpulse Entertainment
28/10/2008               15/20

Theater (Heerlen, NL)

Ancienne Belgique (Bruxelles, BE)

Biebob (Vosselaar, BE)

L'Entrepôt (Arlon, BE)


Magasin 4 (Bruxelles, BE)

Ancienne Belgique (Bruxelles, BE)

Kultur Fabrik (Esch-sur-Alzette, LU)