How To Earn Money Tarkov

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  • Nov 03, 2020

Tip 8 don t compete with dealers. Buy in the morning and sell in the evening for better profits cet timezone.

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Tip 1 refresh the market.

How to earn money tarkov. It is worth to offer more unique and valuable equipment on the flea market which is players market available from level 5 and above. How to make money in escape from tarkov there are a few things that you need to know if you re looking to make more money in eft. Buying grenades from peacekeeper and crafting green eagle gunpowder is a good way to make a lot of money and level up peacekeeper.

They avoid firefights pick up everything they can see and load their backpack tetris style to be as profitable as possible. In tarkov parlance a rat is a player who creeps their way around raids. If you re new to this game you ll easily be able to find a trader who will purchase everything you have.

For example i like to play shoreline so i found that i can generally make some low risk money about 100k roubles per run by sneaking into the admin building via the theater and looting the computers and cabinets on the second floor. For example by just playing the game and seeking out pvp you should make a bunch of money provided you win a fight every now and then. Tip 4 control the market.

You can farm money in a great number of ways. Pick up scav guns and throw 15k worth of mods on them and make them usable. By winning raids and acquiring items you can finally start earning money.

Whether you re a chad or rat you ll need to sell your items to make money. For starters you should sell to the therapist initially. For even more profit you can craft gunpowders and ammo which tend to also be ridiculously pricy at night.

You could farm high value loot spawns and make bank that way. The easiest way is to sell your loot to npc vendors but do so only with common and less valuable items. Saving money is the fastest way of making it so don t waste your money buying high pen ammo and armor and all that garbage only buy from vendors when you need to just run the stuff you get from raid.

Hi all i m a pretty new tarkov player and i have quickly found that i tend to stick to one or two routines when i need to make money in tarkov. Tip 7 understand the market filters. Tip 6 take advantage of containers.

Tip 2 use the w list. Tip 3 durability scamming. Tip 5 find a good product to trade.

Now comes the grindy part of tarkov.

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