How To Convince Your Parents To Give You Pocket Money

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  • Dec 01, 2020

I think 6000 rupees is more than sufficient for someone studying in 11th. Make sure that all of your assigned chores are done well and on time.

Should Children Get Pocket Money Onefamily

One way for you to get some money in your pocket is to earn an allowance.

How to convince your parents to give you pocket money. Let your parents hear those rich snobs talk. May dad brought this from my mom brought this from. Invite rich snobs over.

Demonstrate your ability to be responsible and save money by putting some of your own funds into the cause. Asking your mother to increase your pocket money will lead to your being careless with it. Ask your parents politely for money explain to them why you need it and why its important to you.

They go on loudly i have this i have that i brought this i brought that. Do some chores to pay of the amount you want. Note this is why you have to make sure you do your regular chores first.

If any given month you want to spend more you can always use the money that you saved previous month or ask her to give you some more. Tell your parents you want to earn more money and ask if they d be willing to pay you to do extra chores over and above your regular. If you already receive an allowance these same strategies can be used to ask for a raise.

By showing that you deserve it making your case and communicating well you can persuade your parents to give you a good allowance. Ask for small amounts of money at a time and save up slowly. They are your ticket to an increase in pocket money.

If you need the money for a basic necessity like paying rent or buying food be honest about why you re in this situation. Meeting your parents halfway shows them that you re able to manage money and want to work toward achieving your own goals. When rich snobs come to your place they get into brag mode.

Don t remind your parents how much you have earned in case they want to stop giving you money. You should also be prepared in case they say no. If your parents ever give you money to go to the corner store for sweets don t buy anything and keep the money.

Do chores around the house. Your parents will be more likely to give you money to buy it if you tell them it will help you excel at your new job or do better in school rather than just saying you want a computer. For example if you ask your parents to lend you 100 offer to match their investment with 100 of your own.

Explain that you will give her any change that s.

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