How Much Traffic Is Needed To Make Money With Adsense

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  • Dec 06, 2020

Again if you have an authority blog then your bounce rate will never be 100. It s not easy to maintain an average cpc of 1 and cpc is a giant factor in how much traffic you ll require to reach this figure.

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You will require less traffic as you grow and change ad networks.

How much traffic is needed to make money with adsense. The first thing you need to do is consider how much money you want to make per month. 500 8 2 100 80. Per month that is 2 000 x 30 60 000.

Alright so how much traffic do you need to make a decent living off of adsense alone. To do so requires that you have an adequate amount of traffic to make good estimates and to test thoroughly. However as said earlier adjustments have to be made for bad traffic.

Of course this is just an estimation using very ideal metric figures. The final revenue may be lower if your website has bad clicks. That s astonishingly low and immediately lets you see why high value cpc keywords in high traffic niches are the most targeted in all of web marketing.

Advertising won t be my only monetization method but i estimate that it will make up for at least 30 of my total monthly income at least in the first year. 500 page views 2 cost per click 8 clicks per 100 page viewsthen per day earnings will be. So to make 100 per day you need to do some math.

It s also nice and easy to calculate being about 100 per day on average. It means with this amount of traffic and ctr you will earn 80 dollars. To make 167 a day via adsense cpc you are going to need 34 clicks on average.

The first thing to do is gather some data. Now you can split the traffic into three as you re earning 300 each from 3 advertising networks. As a result i still hold pretty firmly that you should wait until you have 250 unique visitors per day.

Having known your rpm it s easy to get the amount of traffic you need to make 100. But i think it s too much dream type calculation. 0 000 visitors every month to make 100 day with adsense.

3 000 per month isn t a bad goal though it does still put you in the lower middle class. At a rate of 2 clicks per 100 views that s around 1 700 views per day which is around 50 000 views per month. For example with 4 rpm per 1000 ad requests you need 25000 traffic to hit your target.

It means that you need 100 000 3 33 333 unique visitors a day with a bounce rate of 100 to make approximately 274 day. We need 2 000 visitors a day. To get to 1000 month with ads the amount of traffic you need will change as you grow.

So we make it a real one below.

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